Digital Partner in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Digital Partner in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Carity equips healthcare providers with tools to monitor, manage, and enhance patient care during and after cardiac rehabilitation. Integrate our platform into your practice to improve outcomes and empower your patients to take an active role in their health journey.

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Clinical Evidence

Up to 80%
of patients fail to adhere to exercise during the first year after their rehabilitation program ends*
Up to 23%
risk reduction in hospital readmissions is observed in patients who adhere to their care plans and engage in regular health monitoring**

*Aamot et al. Physio Res Int (2015) 21(1), 54-64.​

**Dibben et al. Eur Heart J (2023) 44, 452-469.​

Carity’s First Randomized Controlled Study in Switzerland

The study includes 60 patients across Switzerland into two groups: a control group and an intervention group using Carity’s digital healthcare solution. It aims to assess the impact of Carity on increasing physical activity and will also evaluate improvements in cardiopulmonary markers, psychological state, and quality of life. Comprehensive insights are expected to shed light on Carity’s role in enhancing patient recovery.

The first patients were enrolled in the study at the beginning of February 2024. Further details are available on the SNCTP site (German only):

Clinical study partners

Carity at a Glance

Blended Care with Digital Support
Enhances patient trust and motivation throughout the rehabilitation journey.
Tailored Patient Monitoring
Customizable training goals and detailed reports for care teams.
Autonomous Health Management
Empowers patients to take informed, active roles in managing their health.
Post-Rehab Support with Health Coaching
Provides continuous support and guidance beyond the rehabilitation period.

Patient Journey

Reports as a Care Team tool to track rehabilitation progress

Care Teams receive concise Adherence Reports to closely monitor Patient’s progress. This means Patient’s rehabilitation goals can be adapted, according to their individual needs during and beyond the official rehabilitation program. The care team maintains comprehensive overview of the patient’s rehabilitation journey.

Carity app as a Patient tool to motivate and personalise rehabilitation targets

Visualises long-term cardiac fitness through indicators such as estimated HRV, VO2max, and a 6-minute walking test. This petal offers a longterm view of heart health improvements.

Compiles results from validated psychological questionnaires. Designed for long-term monitoring, it signals when psychological support might be needed based on validates questionnaires thresholds.

Displays weekly physical achievements towards personally set exercise goals. This dynamic petal resets every Monday and encourages adherence to recommended exercise intensities, rewarding patients for training within the optimal zone.

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Seamless wearable integration

Carity simplifies the integration of wearables for your patients and incorporates them into your routine processes. We identify and support commercial wearables that offer high-quality data, backed by comprehensive research. Carity then distills crucial health insights for heart recovery, transforming the overwhelming data collected by wearables into clear, actionable information.

Today Carity works only with an Apple Watch, constantly researching and assessing potential wearables and their clinical evidences, ease of of use and integration capabilities.