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Carity Receives Regulatory and Ethical Approvals for Its First Randomized Controlled Study in Switzerland

St. Gallen,

Oct 31, 2023

With the study approval, Carity is on its way to assess the clinical efficacy of its digital health intervention for cardiac rehabilitation patients.

Carity, a developer of digital healthcare solutions, is pleased to announce that it has received regulatory approval from Swissmedic and ethical approval from the Ethical Committee Zürich to commence its first randomized controlled study. The study will be conducted in two prominent healthcare centers, the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) and the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen (KSSG), marking an important milestone in advancing cardiac rehabilitation research.

The study is set to include a total of 60 patients across Switzerland, divided into two distinct groups: a control group without the Carity digital intervention and an intervention group utilizing Carity’s digital healthcare solution. The primary endpoint of the study is to evaluate the impact of Carity’s digital healthcare solution on increasing physical activity among participants. In addition to the primary endpoint, the study will assess several secondary endpoints, including improvements in selected cardiopulmonary markers, psychological state, and quality of life of the participants. The research aims to provide comprehensive insights into how Carity’s intervention positively influences the recovery journey of patients.

The study is expected to include its initial patients before the end of 2023. More information on the study can be found on the official SNCTP site (German only): SNCTP Study.

About Carity: With several million cardiac events, such as heart attacks, in Europe per year, cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component of the recovery journey for individuals who have faced heart-related health issues. However, affected patients face a highly fragmented patient journey without unique throughout follow-up. The company’s mission is to support patients in achieving their rehabilitation goals while promoting confidence, sustained motivation and regain of autonomy, eventually reduce cardiac risk. Carity’s innovative approach, offering a personalized digital support, comprehensive monitoring, and access to Personal Health Coaches, helps to bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to cardiac rehabilitation, which combines digital and personal care. Carity is connected to validated wearable devices, enables patients’ psychocardiological monitoring and coaching.